Intuitive Reads |
Support & Soothe Your Soul

Once a month, I open up my calendar to tune in and sculpt batches of readings just for you.

I follow my intuition in the delivery of these sessions. Sometimes they want to be written, sometimes the audio wants to be recorded, other times I’m nudged to send you a video message or schedule a call.

No matter the method, the timing of these readings are incredibly Divine and I whole-heartedly trust in their flow. That being said, after purchase, your reading will be delivered within 30 days. I give these notes a full lunar cycle to breathe, come to cultivation, and make their way to you.

You have the option to sign up for:

Note: You get to Pick Your Own price for the one-time reading. Suggested amounts are: $15, $25, $35, $45

Sign up to receive! First-come, first-serve. When the offer is full I will remove the links for sign up and we’ll open up again next month.